Holland Mineraal

Holland Mineraal is a leader in developing, designing and delivering not only standard blast installations and abrasives but also custom-made solutions, tailored to the customer and the specific project. A well-coordinated team will be on hand with expert advice and tailored quotes.

Blast cabinets

Holland Mineraal has an extensive range of blast cabinets for blasting smaller parts and products.

There are two main types of blast cabinets available. An injector blast cabinet is ideal for light cleaning work, whereas a pressure blast cabinet is usually used for heavy, serial work. The great advantage of this type of blast cabinet relative to the injection principle is the high productivity and blast velocity. The Holland Mineraal pressure blast cabinets are therefore particularly suitable for continuous use.

Injector blasting cabinets

Injector blasting is usually carried out in small cabinets and is most suitable for light cleaning work. The abrasive is siphoned into a gun l by an injector action and then accelerated and sprayed onto the work piece.
Injector blast cabinets have an unlimited range of applications:

  • cleaning;
  • rust removal;
  • deburring;
  • decoding;
  • depolishing;
  • roughening;
  • etc.

The great advantage of the injector blast cabinet is that a good result can be achieved with relatively little compressed air. Depending on the diameter of the nozzle, up to 350 litres/min. can be blasted. All steel cabinets comply with the relevant CE standards and are delivered with a carbide nozzle, light fixture, foot pedal operation and dust extraction.


Internal dimensions in mm (working space):
width depth height
Model 24-0 600 480 510
Model 36-1 910 610 580
Model 42×24 1070 610 580
Model 40×40/ CB 1020 1020 760

Pressure blasting cabinets

HMD-1400This robust series of blast cabinets combines the dust extraction and the abrasive transport together in a so-called ‘Ventifloor System”. The extraction system has a self-cleaning filter cartridge. The standard range comes in 2 types: HMD-1400 and HMD-1600.

Standard dimensions HMD-1400
height width depth
External dimensions 2300 1460 135
Workspace 950 1400 850
Door opening 820 680
Standard dimensions HMD-1600
height width depth
External dimensions 2300 1660 135
Workspace 950 1600 850
Door opening 820 680

Bespoke design

In addition to the standard range of blast cabinets, it is also possible to build a pressure blast cabinet to your specific requirements. The design and dimensions can be determined in close consultation with you.


  • fixed or withdrawable turntable;
  • fully automatic rotary basket for blasting small parts;
  • pass through openings.