Holland Mineraal

Holland Mineraal is a leader in developing, designing and delivering not only standard blast installations and abrasives but also custom-made solutions, tailored to the customer and the specific project. A well-coordinated team will be on hand with expert advice and tailored quotes.

Blast container


Holland Mineraal specialises in the design and installation of blasting systems and blasting containers. Holland Mineraal can also supply blast containers, which are ideal for a medium sized project.

Blast containers are available in a choice of 10 ft – 20 ft and 40 ft. versions. The design process takes into account the fact that all types of abrasives could be used, both metallic and inert.

Each blast container is professionally finished with a steel floor, angled steel skirting, wall protection, along with dust and shockproof light fittings. The great advantage of such a blast facility is that the complete unit, including the technical equipment, can be placed on a flat floor without requiring any constructional arrangements.

This multi-purpose blast container includes:

  • a self-cleaning cartridge filter;
  • collection pit with grating;
  • veegput met rooster;
  • bucket elevator;
  • bucket elevator;
  • abrasive silo;
  • blast pot with all its associated equipment.