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Blastman robotics blast robot

Since 2002, Holland Mineraal has been the sales agent for blast robots made by Blastman Robotics Ltd. from Finland .This advanced technology works on a computer-controlled blast robot manipulator and is successfully operating in many companies around the world.

Generally speaking, the Blastman robot has considerably improved the working conditions of blast operators. The blast operators of the past will become the operators of the future thanks to this technology. The operators control the robot sitting in a spacious and fully insulated cabin. This cabin has a constant supply of fresh air.


The blasting process occurs by means of a joystick and touch screen. The blast robot manipulator can reach the most impossible corners and can save all the blasted surfaces in its memory.

The blasting of identical objects can be fully automated by using the repeat mode. In this situation, the operator has control of the whole process from a control room located next to the blast room.

Programming can occur in two ways. The operator programs by using the point-to-point method, in which all the coordinates are stored manually. It is also possible to input complete working drawings into the Blastman Robotics system. In both cases, the operator follows the blasting process from the control room.

Production speed can be increased by approx. 300% by using this method. A daily output of between 400 and 600 m2 can be easily achieved.

Advantages of blast robots

In addition to the excellent working conditions for the operators and the tripling of production, there are a number of other important advantages compared to the conventional blast principle, namely:

  • saving on labor costs;
  • continuous process;
  • optimal blast quality, SA-3;
  • reliability.

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