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Holland Mineraal is a leader in developing, designing and delivering not only standard blast installations and abrasives but also custom-made solutions, tailored to the customer and the specific project. A well-coordinated team will be on hand with expert advice and tailored quotes.

Compressed air dryers

Conditioning of compressed air is a vital link for the trouble-free operation of, among others blasting equipment.IMG_0376

High pressure after-coolers supply dry compressed air which prevents clogging in the blast pot and guarantees a constant flow of abrasive. Dry compressed air also causes significantly fewer breakdowns, maintenance and repair to the equipment.
Conditioned compressed air also contributes to an improvement in the quality of the blasted surface, because oil and water is largely separated out by this equipment.

The only way to extract moisture from the (hot) compressed air is to first let it cool down. An after-cooler cools the compressed air to about 9 ° C above ambient temperature. This temperature allows the water to condense and form drops. These drops are then removed by the centrifugal water separator. Oil and other contaminants can then be removed in a second and third stage by using fine filters.

High pressure after-coolers are available in pneumatic and electric powered models and range in capacity from 1,000 l / min. to 30,000 l / min.