Holland Mineraal

Holland Mineraal is a leader in developing, designing and delivering not only standard blast installations and abrasives but also custom-made solutions, tailored to the customer and the specific project. A well-coordinated team will be on hand with expert advice and tailored quotes.

Dust collectors

Holland Mineraal is a versatile all-rounder in the design and manufacture of extraction systems. Many installations have already been sold in various market segments worldwide. The extraction systems are designed, manufactured, assembled in-house and installed on site.


Dust collector cartridge filter

The great advantage of this type of extraction system is that the filter cartridges are continuously cleaned during the blasting process so that a constant suction power is maintained. These stationary vacuum systems are available in 21 different models and range in capacity from 900 to 84,000 m3 per hour. All types are delivered in accordance with the ATEX directives.
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Transportable dust collectors

Holland Mineraal has transportable extraction units in its product portfolio for all types of mobile blasting jobs. For further information look at our transportable extraction page



In addition to selling complete extraction systems, Holland Mineraal also sells and installs separate filter cartridges and hoses in various diameters and lengths. We can also supply and install the correct filter media for extraction systems from other suppliers.