Holland Mineraal

Holland Mineraal is a leader in developing, designing and delivering not only standard blast installations and abrasives but also custom-made solutions, tailored to the customer and the specific project. A well-coordinated team will be on hand with expert advice and tailored quotes.

Abrasive Cut wire

The steel cut wire is cut by high strenght steel wire then cold drawing and tempered. By cold drawing, the steel cut wire has characteristics of multiple mechanical property, high tensile strenght, no air hole, no shrinkage, high density, high surface hardness, good prolonged wear and long lifetime.

0.55 %
0.60 %
0.18 %
0.01 %
< 0.02 %
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0.10 %

450 HV 1

2.8 - 4.8 Kg/dm3
7.4 g/cm3
0.9 mm
1.0 mm
1.2 mm

In 25 kg paper bags on pallets of 1000 kg each, covered with a shrink foil.

In wheel machines:
– blasting steel plates and profiles
– removal of mill scale, rust and paint
– roughening of surfaces.