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Abrasive Ecostrip

Ecostrip is a pure nature abrasive and consists out of nearly 100% calcium carbon ash and contains no free silica.

99,20 %
0,20 %
0,04 %
0,03 %
0,20 %
0,05 %
0,28 %
Crystalline powder
Broken White
ca. 0,7 kg/dm3
ca. 2,8 kg/dm3
50 - 200 micron

In 25 kg paper bags on pallets of 1000 kg each,
covered with a shrink foil.

Ecostrip is used as abrasive for blasting vulnerable soils.
Due too very low hardness it is suitable for cleaning:

  • Stonework
  • Limestone
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Graffiti removal