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Abrasive Provine

With its specific properties, Provine ensures that it is a perfect abrasive for facades and concrete. The angular and sharp mineral grains, in combination with the fine grain size, ensure that Provine can be used universally. In addition to facade and concrete cleaning, it is also used for graffiti removal and wood and steel blasting work.

44-52 %
25-36 %
1-14 %
5-8 %
1-2 %

7 Mohs

Ca. 1,3 kg/dm3
Ca. 2,6 kg/dm3
0,1 - 0,35 mm

- in 25 kg plastic bags on pallet with shrink foil
- In big bags

Provine is suitable for blasting sensitive and surfaces.
Due to its structure and fine grain size, Provine is very suitable for cleaning:
– Masonry
– Sand stone
– Natural stone
– Wood
– Various types of metal
– Removing graffiti